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Brush and ink still life, 1982-1995

 Brush and ink can be and essentially is a zen fine art medium.  It has formed the foundation for my entire art practice in all the various mediums.  It forms the foundation for the practice of the aesthetics of spontaneity.  om

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Brush and ink still life, 1982-1995

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Portraits, oil, watercolor, and misc. 1982 - present

 The currently final presentation of portraits.  Check out all the portrait pdf on the portrait page.  As Always thanks for the attention!
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Portraits, oil, watercolor, and misc. 1982 - present

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

brush and ink portraits 1982 - now

 Here is a continuation revealing the body of work I have created since 1982.  It is all grounded in what I call the aesthetics of spontaneity, and brush and ink has been vital in laying the foundation for that practice in all the other 2d mediums I have worked with. It is an essentially zen fine art practice.
     Portraits hold a special place in my heart as a major art motif.  Confronting the drama of someone's face and appearance as the manifestation of their psyche is a great challenge and one of the great mysterious miracles of the aesthetics of  how the psyche arises out of the moment to moment attention to 'color' and brush.
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brush and ink portraits 1982 - now

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

 I am putting together some ebooks to catalogue my work.  I currently have a self portrait retrospective .pdf accessible on the self portrait page.  I have the first pdf of my landscape work.  There will be one or two more of the plein air paintings.  Below is a link to the first installment.

 Landscape/plein air 1982-1990

behind Antonio's house, 22"x30", 1982