Wednesday, November 23, 2016

from Tasmanian Tiger, thylacine, 22″x30″, watercolor series

These were done from a photo of the now considered extinct Tasmanian tiger or thylacine.  It seemed so mythical in its appearance to me, with its striped back and dog like head.  It is a marsupial by the way.  I used it as a  beginning point to work with various color combinations just for the musical properties inherent in the color and brush and to accentuate as well a kind of what I see as crazy well as to commemorate the tragic nature of this remarkable creature's passing from existence.  They are 22"x30".  Done alla prima, which is to say spontaneous expression basically.  
     By right clicking a given image and choosing view image then clicking that image  you will arrive at a good detail version.  The abstract nature of brush and color are best seen at the same focal length you would use to read a book and I believe that is the best and most interesting viewpoint in a painting.