Wednesday, May 10, 2017

plein air at the Chiricahua National Monument

I recently spent 5 nights camping at the Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona.  It is a spectacular place I became acquainted with when l lived in Arizona 2007-2009.  In this particular instance I knew I was going to paint what is called the 'organ pipe monument'.  I was with my friend Tony Winton who I encouraged to take photographs of the hikes he took thru the Monument while I painted.  I managed to do 2 30"x36" canvases over the course of 3 sessions.  I am still considering some fine tuning possible but I don't really know if I will work on them any more.

2 different views of the organ pipe monument:

oil on canvas, 30"x36", $1500

oil on canvas, 30"x36", $1500

a couple photos by Tony of me painting

  and a few more of
Tony's photos of some of the Chiricahuas!

Definitely a place worth visiting and staying for a few days at least.  Lots of hiking trails and a strong peace and quiet pervades the place.

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