Friday, July 14, 2017

All the Arts are One.

Antonio would often say to me, "All the arts are one." It always made sense to me. As such it is all music, or of the 'muse'. Right? It has always been for me, this profound communication. A language I learned basically by hanging out with Antonio and thru the process of osmosis. He also would often say, "the transmission occurs mind to mind." By sharing my work the way I am here. not only am I refreshing my own aesthetic self by the review, but I am attempting to familiarize you with the language and music of art. It is a language at once intimately personal and totally absolute and impersonal. The medium itself, ie. brush, color, motif, are eternal archetypes, grounded in the absolute. You know, like, "in the beginning was the word." Back to 'all the arts are one', coming out of that primal vibration the Christians aptly call the 'word'. Color, sound, form, light, bodies, all manifestations of that. I digress...
If one can be receptive and suspend judgement, to the vibrations of the work, in this case the color and brush and self expression, a more accurate judgement will arise spontaneously from 'within'.One will begin to hear the 'music' beyond the conditioned, conceptual mind that is sub-conscious in most. This may even be somewhat uncomfortable at times as those unconscious concepts are challenged by the direct experience of the art. This is or can be a purifying process.However this practice has many benefits, You begin to develop an inner authority quite separate from the usual conceptually oriented pigeon-holing that is so normal when most confront a painting or sculpture. You will also begin to see the world around you in a 'new' light.

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