Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Eddie, monoprint, 22"x30", 1990

I was doing printmaking at Sonoma State University in the late 80's, early 90's.  they had some really nice equipment,  A press to die for, about 36"-48" wide and it just picked up every nuance of what was on the plate so easily!  
     Anyway, I was asking friends and associates to sit for me and I would do their portraits using simple black ink and a large piece of plexiglass.  This I believe is the first one that I pulled of Eddie, which I then reworked some after the pull.  Now, when you pull a print it will leave a ghost image on the plate that then gives you something of a headstart on the next pull if you are into doing a series.

This  next print is a result of reworking the ghost  image on the plate and then pulling the print.  This print/portrait I am very pleased with and left it alone after the pull.  It shows a directness and purity that I strive for.  
Have a great day!

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